December 28, 2021

Videos to Use at Each Marketing Funnel Stage

Far from just selling stuff, marketing is a honed skill that hinges on the knowledge of and sensitivity to the wants, needs and lifestyles of a target audience. Developing ad campaigns isn’t all trail-and-error either. Anyone involved in business marketing lives and breathes the purchase funnel. 

For the unaware, this funnel describes a process through which a prospective consumer turns into a buyer. The structure is separated into three consecutive tiers: top, middle and bottom. Marketers usually examine the characteristics and intent present in each stage to determine what kind of videos are most effective. Here, we break down each stage of the funnel, as well as their respective types of video marketing.

Top: Spark curiosity

The top of the sales funnel is like casting a wide net into the ocean. You’re basically trying to catch the eye of as many potential buyers on the internet as possible and promote brand awareness. Videos at this level are mainly catered towards entertainment and social media trends.

Educational videos

People are curious by nature. Many appreciate educational videos that not only tell them something about a business, but also expand their general knowledge on an interesting topic. Sharing information in your video tells your audience that you aren’t all about making the sale—you want to enhance their view of the world too. It connects your product to a greater cause and prompts viewers to initiate their own research later on, urging them further down to the next stage of the buyer funnel. 

Share The Meal starts off by providing demographics and statistics in the form of a whimsical animation, educating viewers on the pressing issue of poverty and hunger.

Brand videos

Brand videos prioritize the primping of brand image over the increase of immediate sales. For new or small companies, this is the first step to putting your name out there and getting your voice heard. Many businesses put out videos with the intention of keeping themselves fresh in the public mind, encouraging people to cultivate a positive view towards them. Get creative with engaging office tours, amicable employee introductions or artistic animations—this is your chance to define your name and showcase the values that underlie your business!

UOB constantly reasserts its support of individuality and loyalty. This particular video plays on nostalgia, featuring throwbacks to older generations whilst also aligning themselves with the affinities of the youth.

Middle: Fuel interest

The middle of the funnel comes next. You already have the audience on the hook, now it’s time to start reeling them in. With viewers now keen to delve deeper into the topic posed at the top of the funnel, it’s the middle’s job to further feed their curiosity and show more of what a brand has to offer.

Product videos

Unlike videos at the top of the funnel, middle level videos foreground your product, making it out as the ultimate solution to the problem that you have previously raised. This is the time to showcase all the industry-leading talent and advanced materials used in the making of your product. Creative videography and narrative styles can be incorporated to bring your product to life and give it an impressionable backstory. A good product video will leave the audience with the feeling that their lives just aren’t complete without it. 

Lazada’s TikTok video stars a 3-in-1 waffle maker, using pop ups and quirky edits to highlight the product’s winning features.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos are pretty straightforward. They are one of the most direct ways to prepare viewers for the last phase of the funnel. Gather feedback and reviews from existing customers and target areas of concerns during the video, showing prospective buyers the best way to maximize their benefits from your product. By having your audience well informed about the ins and outs of your product, you are also laying the foundation for a long-lasting buyer-seller relationship.

Nu Skin presents a thorough, in-depth walkthrough of their product’s application process, giving you everything you need to know from the context to special tips and tricks.

Bottom: Make the sale

Lastly, we have the crucial bottom stage. At this point, users are on the verge of purchase and videos are geared towards giving them that final push off the edge.

Testimonial videos

Testimonials videos can make or break your final sale. We put a lot of emphasis on creating impressive ads, but there’s nothing more convincing than a good endorsement. In the eyes of your audience, testimonials videos serve as the ultimate judge of credibility. People are more trusting of fellow consumers who are in the same boat as them, seeing their recommendations as more genuine than carefully curated commercials. These videos are effective in casting aside any lingering doubts, reinforcing the belief that your brand is a no-brainer choice over your competitors.

SKII partners with local and international celebrities, getting them to share their user experience and voice their approval of the product.

Demo videos

Another way to seal the deal is by providing a visual demonstration of using your product or service. Depending on the vibe of your brand, this can be done in the form of a live action video, animation or live stream. In any case, the demonstrator in front of the camera functions as a surrogate, allowing viewers to substitute themselves in and picture themselves handling the product. This educates consumers in all aspects of your product, getting them well-acquainted and hence more willing to make the purchase.

Nespresso’s Pixie product demo is presented alongside relaxing beats, clean-cut transitions and minimalistic aesthetics, associating the product with a sense of peacefulness and class.


There are many different types of marketing videos to choose from and deciding which fits your marketing campaign best might be difficult. We hope these tips could assist you on your video marketing strategy. If you do decide to use a video marketing strategy, why not engage a video production company? At En3, we’re a Singapore corporate video production company that offers a suite of services to meet your marketing needs:

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