March 4, 2022

5 Ways Testimonial Videos Will Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Any successful business owner knows the value of good old-fashioned word of mouth. No matter how times have changed, people still lend more weight to the words spoken by fellow average consumers, as opposed to those fabricated by companies themselves. Perhaps that is why this classic method has survived (thrived, even) through the evolution of the digital age. Curious as to how technology has modified this popular marketing technique? Just take a look at testimonial videos!

What is a testimonial video?

Compared to your commercial, testimonial videos are distinguished by the emphasis they place on the customer's story instead of just upselling the product itself. These videos often feature selected clients giving verbal reviews on a product or service. This could take the form of sharing a personal anecdote or demonstration. In this article, we explore the various ways such videos are advantageous to building your brand image and boosting your bottom line.

Establish yourself as an industry leader

Think of names that monopolise a large part of the industry: You can’t mention “phone” without thinking about Apple and Samsung, whilst home furnishing is practically synonymous with IKEA. It’s hard to believe, but these brands started from somewhere, and your belief in their reliability probably did too. Most likely you heard an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend or witnessed how everyone you saw on the train was holding some version of an iPhone. It’s all about blind faith. The very fact that the majority of the population is using it well is enough proof of its value. In a similar vein, having satisfied consumers willing to not just pledge, but pledge in front of the camera, speaks volumes about the quality of your product. With time, these testimonials will instill a sustained sense of loyalty and trust in your brand, so much that people automatically turn to you to satisfy their needs related to your particular industry. 

Strengthen existing business partnerships

The benefits of testimonial videos extend beyond tangible gains like sales revenue. Requesting endorsement from a client shows that you consider them to be influential and admirable to sway public opinion. You are essentially telling them: “I value your approval! I wish to continue strengthening our business relationship.” Appearing in your testimonial video is also a surefire way of tying your client’s name with that of your company. You and your client are both engaging in a symbiotic relationship whereby you each play a part in advertising for the other—an effective way of expanding your reach and consumer base!

Spin your own narrative

Sometimes, relying on people’s flawed memories, you risk the possibility of miscommunication, of certain details being lost in translation from conversation to conversation. Worse still, the odd consumer with a bad experience might go about spreading word of your brand’s “incompetence”. With a testimonial video, you get to control what gets said and what doesn’t (at least officially). You can strategically include scenes or dialogues that emphasises your brand’s pros, while downplaying its cons, showing how your product or service is an overall desirable thing that will greatly improve quality of life. That said, it’s important that you produce a high-quality video. Having a high-level production gives your testimonial legitimacy, making viewers more inclined to believe the claims made in the script. 

Target sentiments and logic

Speaking of narratives, a popular style of testimonial videos is personal story. Typically in the form of an interview, a client or customer will share their personal struggles with a problem, followed by their eventual relief and gratitude at it being solved by your brand. The disclosure of an individual’s life circumstances makes the video relatable to other average consumers, letting them sympathise with the client’s plight or picturing themselves in the same shoes. Eliciting emotional responses creates a personal connection with your brand name. So what about logical persuasion? That’s pretty much self-explanatory—when people see that others are willing to put their name on the line and testify for your brand, the natural assumption would be that your products are pretty much guaranteed to be top-notch, seeing as clients so readily give their coveted stamp of approval.

Gain a wider impact

Traditional (face-to-face) word of mouth is effective, yet it does have its limitations. What happens when people are unable to meet physically, or forget about their recommendation by the time they do meet? What if they miss out on important details? Testimonial videos bring about a whole new system of reviewing to the table. Include a “Share” button to facilitate the easy sharing of your video. People value convenience, and will appreciate your efforts in streamlining their online communication. While the impact of your video is still fresh in people’s minds, they can immediately send it to friends or family who they think might benefit from it too. It’s a win-win situation! Viewers have a smoother digital experience, while you gain a better brand image and audience reach.


Creating a video may not always be easy. However, we hoped that these 5 tips can assist you on your video creation journey. If you do decide to use a video marketing strategy, why not engage a video production company? At En3, we’re an affordable video production company that offers a suite of services to meet your marketing needs:

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