April 11, 2022

How To Create Amazing Branded Interview Videos?

Interview videos have one or multiple individuals answering questions on a certain topic. The interviewee may be a subject matter expert or simply someone with an opinion in this form of video, which is up close and personal. Interview videos that are unscripted and authentic are a terrific way to add a personal touch to a narrative or convey a point of view.

When it comes to the job market, it can get extremely competitive in attracting top talent. Companies must improve their workplace branding and create an exceptional candidate experience. To do so, they must take a step back and review their recruitment approach, as well as modernise their processes.

Many brands today use corporate interview films to raise brand awareness, increase sales, improve recruitment, and provide general information. Corporate interview videos are more conversational and participatory than other sorts of videos, which makes them more engaging.

Any story your company wants to tell will benefit from video interviews. Consider all of the questions you could ask on a workday, as well as the queries that new employees frequently ask company veterans. These kinds of genuine questions lend themselves to a video interview, which may deliver answers in a way that is both entertaining and relatable.

The Different Types of Interview Videos

Talking Head Interview

A talking head video is an interview-style film in which an instructor or subject matter expert speaks directly to the camera as if they were speaking directly to the student. The instructor is frequently off-centre, with a blank background or green screen behind him.

The more people in your audience, the more varied their learning styles will be. While some people prefer to learn through words, others prefer to learn through pictures or music. Because talking head videos include all of the above, you'll be completely covered. You make certain that each learner receives material in an easily digestible style.

Conversational Interview

A conversational interview is a collection of strategies that differs from traditional survey interviewing in that it allows interviewers to disclose unscripted material to respondents to clarify question meaning. It features the host on camera, whether it's a talk show format or an on-location interview. These interviews have an authentic vibe due to the real-time back-and-forth dialogue style.

Employee Interview

Employees are important to the success of your company, and they also reflect the culture. Using interview videos to highlight them gives your brand a face, providing customers and potential workers a behind-the-scenes look at your daily operations.

 Employee interviews are a great way to show the world what kind of individuals you want to work for you, and they can also be used to deter people who aren't a good fit for the job. An interview with a current employee, for example, can show that your company culture is hands-off and values proactive self-starters to job searchers who may be hoping for more structure.

Customer Interview

A well-crafted customer interview can be significantly more persuasive than a standard testimonial. Because most customers aren't used to describing the value they've experienced from a company's product or service, testimonials can appear boring or choppy without an interviewer to lead the dialogue. You can steer them during an interview, getting to the heart of an experience or the benefits you want to communicate.

Founder Interview

There is a backstory to every business. If you don't think yours is unique, it's because you're too preoccupied with bringing it to life to see the exciting story components. People appreciate hearing how entrepreneurs got started and the hurdles they've overcome, especially in today's hustle culture. These interviews can help you and your company become more human and relatable. They're a fantastic way to convey to both internal and external audiences the emotion behind a brand, as well as its goal, vision, and values.

Steps for a Successful Branded Interview Video

Ask Relevant questions

The questions you ask prospects might be a good predictor of a good employer brand. Asking generic interview questions to learn more about a candidate has little impact on the candidate's image of your brand. The questions you ask should be specific to your company's brand and culture. Prepare questions ahead of time because interviews might take unexpected detours. This can help you prepare for your interview and guarantee you don't overlook anything important. Here are some tips:

Select the Interviewee That Matches Your Branding

Think about the purpose of the interview and choose someone to symbolise your mission. If your goal is to educate people, you might hire a subject matter expert to explain a difficult concept. Choose someone directly involved, such as a product manager or event organiser, to tell a success story about a recent event. Choose industry thought leaders if you want to start a movement.

Make sure anybody you choose is well-spoken, confident, and capable of speaking to your mission. Before an interview, work to establish a relationship with the interviewee, and keep the tone light once the cameras start rolling.

Provide Viewers With Useful and Credible Content

Creating a video interview around a discussion of a certain topic that is relevant to your industry is an excellent way to demonstrate that your organisation is a leader in the sector and is contributing useful information for others to benefit from.

Interview videos provide the ideal opportunity for your company's senior team to share its knowledge regularly. This might greatly improve internal communication and knowledge-sharing and market the business as an industry thought leader.

Pick the Location

Whatever venue you choose, make sure everyone participating is aware of the location, date, and time of the interview well in advance. If you're filming at your workplace, it's a good idea to set up the scene the night before so you can test everything from the lighting to the sound to the background.

The video interview's background will contribute to the overall tone. Make it related to the interview's theme and content. Take the time to design and decorate your set if you have an in-house video studio. 

There are many methods for brands to create intriguing interview films using modern visual storytelling techniques; all it takes is a spark of inspiration to attempt something new and innovative, and we'll all be seeing better interview videos in our social feeds in no time.


Interview videos are indeed a good way to increase your workplace branding and improve internal communications. Creating a video may not always be easy. However, we hoped that these interview video tips can assist you on your video creation journey. If you do decide to use a video marketing strategy, why not engage a video production company? At En3, we’re a Singapore video production company that offers a suite of services to meet your marketing needs:

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