October 18, 2021

10 Ways to Promote Video Content Affordably

Ever wonder why your marketing videos or any videos in general aren’t getting the desired amount of impressions? While you may have put in countless hours crafting the perfect video or hired the best video production house in Singapore, having engaging and attractive content simply isn’t enough. Doing the work is just the very first step—now you have to sell it. 

Deeming content marketing to be costly and largely unnecessary, many make the mistake of neglecting to promote their post. But what’s the point in having a good video content strategy if it isn’t being viewed? Video marketing is crucial in the pursuit of high rankings and online traffic, and contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t need to cripple the bank. Check out these achievable, budget-friendly methods which will help get your video to the top.

Reach Out to Your Followers

If you are a smaller business, the best way for you to build a strong foundation is by catering to your existing base. Whether it’s including your video in a post on social media or a link in your email newsletter, you can be assured that people who are already subscribed will be eager to peruse new content from you. After all, that’s what they signed up for. Video links in emails have been proven to improve click-through rates, meaning that not only does it garner views for your new video, it also drives traffic to older content on your main website or social media page.

Include a Share Button

Taking into account an internet user’s short attention span and desire for convenience, you want to make the process of sharing your video as straightforward as possible. Social media has made it second nature for people to share content that intrigues them, and this in turn increases your brand’s outreach. By adding a share button to an embedded video, you’re offering viewers an easy, direct way to spread your content around. 

Choose the Right Timing

It’s no secret that the internet shortens our attention spans—users spare a mere glance for a post before a new one pops up to take its place. You may have put in heart and soul into your video, but the cold hard truth is this: it only stays on the screen for a couple of seconds. To make sure that your content is seen by your audience and not lost amidst the digital tide, take note of the time period during which they are most active online, as well as when they would be most receptive to paying more attention to your content. For example, if your target audience is working adults, try to avoid posting in the early mornings where they would be busy getting ready for work, and opt for posting in during their lunchtimes or evenings when they get off their shift.

Post Teasers Regularly

Saturated with never-ending updates and information, the internet is home to fleeting and ephemeral content. This means that in order to keep people talking about your brand, your new video should not only leave a strong impression, but also needs to be kept at the forefront of people’s minds. The easiest way to refresh the memory of your content is to release frequent teaser clips or reminder posts that link back to the full video. For instance, short Instagram stories featuring eye-catching clips can help peak interest and drive more viewers to click on your full video.

Pin Your Video

Placing your newest video on the top of your profile is a surefire way to get people to notice it. Be it pinning the tweet or putting a link in your Instagram bio, this method ensures that the video is the very first thing users see when they access your business’ profile or homepage. This also makes the content readily accessible and bookmarked by default, so that viewers don’t have to go hunting through a stream of posts to get back to it. 

Use SEO Titles

It may seem like a minor detail, but the words you choose to title or tag your videos with are incredibly important. Search engines like Google take into account such keywords when choosing how to rank your content. An effective digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO), which includes certain popular phrases or terms that are commonly typed into the search bar. With the right keywords, your video will climb higher in the rankings and your link will receive more visitors.

Connect with Other Brands

Discard the habit of branding other businesses as competition. In fact, these are probably some of the best avenues for free promotion. Forge strong connections with brands that sell complementary products or produce similar content, and initiate a reciprocal relationship whereby you each include the other in relevant marketing posts. Such a mutually beneficial arrangement can be seen everywhere on Youtube, where content creators collaborate and shout out one another. The simple act of making your brand known on another platform can improve business by leaps and bounds, helping you identify and target audience groups that are more likely to be interested in your product or service. What’s more, frequent associations with other brands will increase the chance of your own name showing up in the search results when those companies are being looked up!

Lias with the Press 

Like it or not, the media can make or break a business. Make it your goal to network and seek out prominent figures within the media industry such as editors, bloggers or influencers. Build a good relationship with the press, and you can harness its power of conviction. If you pitch your video correctly, it can be included in these companies’ listicles or advertorials as a way to beef up their content. These well-established publications are viewed in a more credible light, and will grant your video access to a much wider audience.

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