March 11, 2022

Explainer Videos: Why You Should Use Them

The act of purchasing goods and services is often carried out to satisfy certain needs and wants of the customer. Someone identifies an area in their life that requires enhancement or fixing, and resorts to buying an item or resource that does just that. In other words, people want to know that your product can and will provide the answer to their perceived problem. This is where explainer videos come in.

What is an explainer video? 

Although this term may sound foreign, any internet user has definitely come across a couple of such videos in their time. As the name implies, this is a short video created to explain a product or other aspect of your business. Feel free to get creative; an effective explainer video can take many forms, from a fun illustration, motion graphics or animation, to a candid documentary or live-action presentation. Depending on the type of video you're making, you might want to hire an experienced Singapore motion graphics studio or Singapore corporate video production company. Your main aim should be to convince consumers that your company possesses the ultimate solution to their problems—that your product or service is guaranteed to fill the gaps in their lives. An explainer video can easily achieve this. In this article, we list the various reasons why such content in particular is crucial in elevating your business.

Grabbing Attention

Online users come into contact with an overwhelming slew of digital information on a daily basis, causing them to become desensitized to many marketing campaigns. A surefire way to get a leg up from the competition is with an eye-catching and intriguing video. Explainer videos are proven to be much more memorable, as they allow you to target viewers from both an audio and visual perspective, instead of just using one of those stimuli. Take the Apple September Event 2021 for example. Every year, Apple introduces a line up of new products with a video jam-packed with impressive cinematography and artistic transitions. Such elements make watching Apple product launches all the more interesting, keeping viewers hooked so that the company can continue to push their fresh releases.

Connecting with Viewers

Before consumers even make the decision to purchase your product or subscribe to your brand, they first need to feel attached to it. Explainer videos help set the tone of whatever it is you’re selling, and lets a potential consumer get a feel of the kind of beneficial experience they’d get when using your commodity. Many skincare and cosmetic brands use such videos to establish a sense of trust and awe amongst their audience, so that they will be more inclined to try out a brand new product. An effective video not only presents the product in the best light, but also relates to the everyday user and evokes a strong emotional response. Check out Dermala’s acne cream commercial: presenting the ad as a comical Victorian-era skit elicits our amusement, making us invest in the funny character and become keen to keep on watching till the end. We associate these feel-good vibes with Dermala’s products and thus grow fonder of the brand.

Building Online Presence

The internet is the number one place people turn to to seek out information for potential purchases. That said, having an attractive video increases the odds of people clicking the share button. Even if people don’t end up buying your product, there’s a high chance that they’ll remember your brand in the future or refer you to a friend who might find your product useful. With a solid explainer video, you cut down on the resources and time, allowing your content to ride the tide of digital trends—just sit back and let the power of social media do the work!

Delivering Information

Crafting a video script and storyboard is a helpful way of streamlining your content. While you may be eager to cram as much information into your post, keeping it short and sweet helps make your content more digestible. For instance, identifying and inserting particular keywords and salient points into an entertaining narrative increases the likelihood of viewers remembering your product, rather than simply reading about it in a dry article.

Prompting Action

Compared to purely written Call to Actions (CTA), explainer videos allow you to inject tone and add visual accompaniment to your final CTA. Tagging on an imperative to your piece of text may be able to nudge viewers further down the consumer funnel, but saying it aloud in a video makes the address more personal and directed—not to mention more entertaining. Take a look at Listerine’s UK advertisement: when the brand’s signature tagline, “Complete the clean with Listerine!” is said aloud by a donkey in a quirky Scottish accent, the incredulous scene and humorous delivery gets you more enthusiastic about buying a simple mouthwash.


Explainer videos can contribute as a deciding factor in a consumer buying process. If you do decide to use a video marketing strategy, why not engage a video production company? At En3, we’re a cheap video production company that offers a suite of services to meet your marketing needs:

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